WPBOHEME includes custom posts to help you promote your business

News Post

We created the news custom post to help you share your company announcements. The latest 3 news are highlighted also in the menu next to search in header.

Jobs Post

You can share your job offerings in a custom post template that features a custom sidebar.

Portfolio Post

Portfolio helps you promote the projects you’ve accomplished to your future clients. A project can be displayed in full or half width, with or without title. The standard attributes for portfolio posts are categories, skills, project URL and copyright. The images you add to the project are automatically transformed into an awesome slider, to which you can also add an embedded video.

Product Post

Either you sell a service or a product, you can tell the world about your offer by creating Product Posts. This type of posts allows you to add categories together with the price, description and specs of the product. This post can be listed in full or half width, with or without title. All the images you add to the product post are automatically transformed into an animated and very cool slider.

FAQ Post

FAQ posts are created from the Admin Panel. Add the question in the title and the answer in the post. In a FAQ post you can include text, images, videos and shortcodes. When you create a FAQ page, all FAQ posts are listed and filtered by category.

Blog Post

Like all the custom posts supported by WP BOHÈME and listed above, blog posts allow you to add 30+ custom shortcodes added to the edit panel. From the same panel you can enable or disable the sidebar, display what sidebar to show and if it should be positioned on the left or right. You can choose to display all the post images in an awesome slider at the beginning of the post and you can insert videos in the slider.